About APOA


Making a Positive Difference in Alaska Law Enforcement


The Alaska Peace Officers Association is a dynamic, professional and non-partisan organization.  Our membership consists of law enforcement, corrections, prosecutors, security professionals and others at the local, state and federal levels.

APOA represents peace officers and the law enforcement profession.  APOA is one of the oldest and largest nonprofit associations in the state, existing for over half a century.

APOA was formed in Anchorage in 1947 as an organization to promote fellowship and better communications between agencies.  Similar organizations were formed in other Alaska communities in the early 1950s.

In April 1952, APOA was incorporated as a nonprofit organization.  A constitution was written with provisions for chapters to be formed throughout the state.  Membership today stands at over 1,000.

In 1961, the first Crime Conference and annual membership meeting was held, beginning a tradition that has continued each year.  Professionalism is the dominant theme, and is accomplished through training, education, social events, and inter-agency liaison. 1975 was a significant year; the State Board hired a business manager, standing committees were appointed, a permanent death benefit fund was established, and the Defensive Driver Course began.

1995 saw changes to our State Board as chapter presidents became board members to provide more and better statewide representation.

In 2013, APOA State Chapter was granted an IRS status change which transitioned the organization from a 501(c)(6) non-profit to a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit.  Donations to APOA are fully tax deductible.

2017 was the first year APOA hosted a "Traveling Trainer" in lieu of the annual "Crime Conference".  The APOA state chapter board of directors voted to hold the Crime Conference every other year (in even years) and supplement training around the state with a "Traveling Trainer" concept to better serve the outlying areas of the state in odd years.


SUPPORT: Promote the objectives of peace officers across the state.
ADVOCACY: Through involvement with the legislature and the governor, offer suggestions to improve Alaska‚Äôs justice system.
INTEGRITY: Increase professionalism among members.
NETWORKING: Build and enhance relationships between agencies and members.
TRAINING: Offer job-related training.